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ETIENNE - Master Tarot & Palm Reader, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Academic Tutor

M.Ed.Admin., B.Ed. (Post Grad.), B.A., Grad.Dip.Ed.Admin., Dip. Prof. Hypnosis


(minimum of 5 participants)

Calming Eastern Meditation

Learn How To:

Gain relaxation and calm
Visualise Clarity
Gain Inner Peace

This course deals with a range of Meditative Techniques from both Hindu and Sufi sources and schools.

Specific Meditative modalities will include:

Meditation for Calming
Meditation against Envy
Meditation for Peace of Mind

Each student will be given an Individual Focus Element to help their Meditative Progress.

Course requirements: Writing pad and pens
Course length: 5 hours (includes lunch break, byo or cafes nearby)

Master Tarot Course Symbolisms of the Tarot

By understanding the Symbols of the Tarot, we can give our readings a fuller, deeper and richer psychic energy and interpretation.

This course gives you an opportunity to learn from a Tarot Master and your fellow participants. There will be time for questions and group discussions.

Learn How To:

  • Unlock hidden symbols of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot
  • Understand the symbols of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot
  • Unlock the hidden Mythic, Masonic, Psychic and Kabalistic meanings of this most popular Tarot Deck

This Course is suitable for:

Beginners, Experienced Readers and Professionals!

Course requirements: writing paper and pens, Rider-Waite-Smith deck
Course length: 5 hours (includes a lunch break byo or cafes nearby)