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ETIENNE - Master Tarot & Palm Reader, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Academic Tutor

M.Ed.Admin., B.Ed. (Post Grad.), B.A., Grad.Dip.Ed.Admin., Dip. Prof. Hypnosis


Etienne has developed and provides Transilient Hypnotherapy Techniques © where hypnosis can help you with:

Weight loss
Examination Stress
Stopping Smoking
Stress and Anxiety
Study Skills
Change Enhancement
Releasing attachment to an ex-lover

Anger Management
Public Speaking
Stopping Nail Biting
Sports Improvement
General Wellbeing
Enhanced Emotional Health
Dropping unwanted habits
Addiction to/over reliance on social media, phones, ipads, tablets etc

Hypnotherapy for Past Life Regression

Discover your incarnations in past lives!

Part the velvet curtains of the past, and of hidden psychic memories. Take a wondrous visit into your experiences in previous eras, places and times!

Hypnosis as a Restful, Calming Experience

Hypnosis is a mutual effort: a team activity of mutual trust between Hypnotherapist and Client. When you work in partnership with Etienne, you will enjoy a deeply restful, calming, positive Hypnotherapy Treatment in complete confidentiality!

Hypnotherapy allows you to renew yourself, and reach depths of peace and calm that you have not dreamt of!

As a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, Etienne can offer you a peaceful treatment for some of the difficulties in your habits, behavior and thought systems.

Hypnotherapy can help you drop old habits that no longer serve you. Hypnotherapy can aid you in adopting new views and programmes that will enhance your emotional happiness, and serve you better in the future.

Whilst in Hypnotic trance, allow Etienne to help you to work with your enormously powerful sub-conscious mind to liberate yourself from the doubts, fears, habits and self-recrimination that are inhibiting your full potential for inner and outer peace and happiness, confidence and success.

When you come out of Hypnosis you will feel so much better, compared with how you felt before you helped Etienne put you into restful trance!

After Hypnotherapy, clients have made comments such as:

I feel fantastic, relaxed, renewed. A strong sense of restfulness and depth. Felt really rested and positive. Felt very comfortable and very much at ease. Hypnosis helped me break the nail-biting habit of 20 years.

Hypnotherapeutic Pathway to Inner Peace and Calm

Great for busy people with busy lives!

You can confidently entrust Etienne to guide you into calming rest and utter relaxation of mind and spirit.

The Hypnotic Pathway shepherds, shields, guides and guards you as you are refreshed, regenerated and renewed in peaceful balm and calm!

Dispelling Some Myths About Hypnosis

  • You do not yield your self-control to the therapist – you are in full control at all times!
  • You are not unconscious, asleep or "out of it"! You are in a trance, which is a state of heightened awareness, and are fully conscious of everything around you.
  • You cannot be made to do anything against your moral, ethical, religious or civil beliefs!
    If a therapist made any improper or inappropriate suggestions to you, you would come out of trance immediately!
  • You cannot get "stuck" in trance!

Hypnosis For Study Skills

Hypnosis can help you with your studies!

Etienne offers Hypnotic Help for students sitting examinations and tests.

Hypnosis can help you retain knowledge, remember facts, follow a study schedule, and stay cool, calm and confident before and during exams.

Hypnosis can help you overcome fears and doubts about your studies and exams!

Gain a Hypnotic Edge to your studies! Let Hypnosis give you a winning advantage over other students!