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ETIENNE - Master Tarot & Palm Reader, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Academic Tutor

M.Ed.Admin., B.Ed. (Post Grad.), B.A., Grad.Dip.Ed.Admin., Dip. Prof. Hypnosis

Percipient Tarot and Palm Readings

Etienne views the Tarot as a liberating guide towards identifying multiple options open to us in life.

His readings are positive, supportive and transilient, enabling clients to be better empowered to approach life with a quiet confidence and realistically calm optimism.

Some attestations to Etienne’s Palmistry and Tarot skills:

He was spookily and uncannily accurate. He told me things that I have not even told my partner! Etienne was much more accurate than palm readers at the Psychic Expo. His reading has changed my life. Etienne's workshop was brilliant! Thank you for...respect, honesty and professionalism extended during my visit.

(The advice given in Tarot, Palm and Spiritual Readings is guidance which you can accept or reject; you have free will at all times!)

Tarot Readings

Share in the wisdom of the cards!
Readings are given in the ancient tradition of the Golden Dawn and Grand Etteilla!

Let the cards suggest advice on love, emotional health, work, finances and life management!


Your hands are a mirror of your true needs and potential happiness.

Readings are given in the Hindu Hast Rekhya and Samudrika Hastya traditions – the ancient way of Palmistry Wisdom, helping you make better choices in life!

Spiritual Readings

From a clairvoyant perspective, Etienne can offer you positive counsel, and help you with realistic advice about your needs and problems. You can bring a photograph or piece of jewelry with you to help give a psychometric facet to your reading.